Join a Committee

WCDP is accepting committee member applications through January 29th.

The term of all standing committees shall run concurrently with the term of the WCDP Executive Committee, but shall continue until successor committees are organized and formed.

Attendance at all committee meetings is expected, and repeated absences can warrant dismissal from the committee.

Contact us at with any questions.

Candidate Recruitment Committee

The Candidate Recruitment Committee provides information related to the qualifications for office and filing process, identifies and recruits prospective candidates for precinct chair or elected office in Williamson County, and meets with interested individuals to act as a resource as they contemplate a campaign. (Current Chair – Mike Clark)

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee is responsible for developing a robust strategy for social media and digital communications, earned media and media relations, messaging and materials for the coordinated campaign, as well as maintaining the WCDP website. (Current Co-Chairs Brandie Henderson & Anthony Schoggins)

Events Committee

The Events Committee plays a crucial role in ensuring WCDP has a presence at community events and festivals throughout Williamson County as well as planning fundraising events in conjunction with the Fundraising Committee. (Current Chair – Jessica Stempko)

Fundraising Committee

The Fundraising Committee raises money to ensure the continued operation of essential WCDP functions, including maintaining headquarters and satellite offices, coordinated campaign staff, voter outreach, events, and otherwise.

Rules Committee

The Rules Committee is responsible for evaluating and making recommendations with respect to the WCDP Bylaws in order to improve efficiency and county party functions as well as monitoring changes to Texas Democratic Party Rules and the Texas Election Code to ensure compatibility with the WCDP Bylaws. (Current Chair – Deana Tollerton)

Strategic Planning Committee

The Strategic Planning Committee creates a two-year plan for the WCDP that outlines the strategies and tactics needed to achieve the Party’s stated goals.

Volunteers & Grassroots Committee

The Volunteers & Grassroots Committee identifies and recruits potential volunteers for office workers and voter outreach activities for the coordinated campaign such as blockwalking, phonebanking, and voter registration.