Texas Dem Convention

The 2020 Texas Democratic Convention will take place online. Our virtual experience will be fun exciting and keep everybody safe during this difficult time.

As the largest state convention in the country the Texas Democratic Party knows that we have an obligation to Texas Democrats everywhere to make this convention open to everyone. We view this as an opportunity to do something groundbreaking: by moving into a digital forum we will make it easier for individuals across Texas to participate by removing barriers associated with travel costs missed work or physical ability. We also have the opportunity to innovate our convention business. It will be the cutting edge of what technology has to offer and an example of how conventions are going to look in the future.

Visit <a href=”http://texasdemocraticconvention.com”>texasdemocraticconvention.com</a> to stay in the loop about additional announcements and detailed instructions for what you can expect at our convention and how participation will occur.

<a href=”https://act.txdemocrats.org/page/s/get-your-2020-texas-democratic-virtual-convention-tickets-?fbclid=IwAR1peuoo5k8WujPj_D85xJpj1vZVclv1Sp5e1EHeD34hVjaXod-13D65yj4″>Click here to get your tickets.</a>



Jun 01 - 06 2020


2:00 am - 5:00 am


Online Event
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