About WCDP


The Williamson County Democratic Party will be a dynamic and vibrant advocate for the candidates and ideals of the Democratic Party by recruiting and electing public servants who will fight for our families and our values, training the next generation of activists and organizers, developing strong precinct chairs, grassroots clubs, and other party structures, building relationships with allied and partner organizations, and promoting civic engagement and activism across our community. Together, we will carry on the strong and proud tradition of Texas Democrats fighting for opportunity and equality for all.


  • Economic Opportunity
  • Public Education
  • Affordable Healthcare
  • Environmental Protection
  • Equality and Justice for All


If Texas is the biggest battleground state in the country, then the road to turning Texas blue runs right through the heart of Williamson County.

In 2018 the eyes of Texas were on Williamson County as we led the state in turnout and saw record participation from young people, first time voters, and voters who vote every 4 or 8 years for president but knew that that cycle was just too important to sit out. We didn’t just build a moment; we built a movement, for that election and every election to come.

We achieved monumental change last cycle, electing James Talarico and John Bucy to fight for us in the Texas Legislature, KT Musselman and Stacy Hackenberg as Justices of the Peace, and flipping the 3rd Court of Appeals. Together, we have laid the foundation for success moving forward in 2020.

With our eyes on the prize, with a renewed commitment to our party and its principles, with a firm belief that our best days are ahead of us, with trust in the common dreams and aspirations that bind our community together, and with the understanding that we must all do our part to preserve our democracy and fight for opportunity and dignity for all, we march forward with a bold vision and unflinching sense of purpose.

Together, we can put more Democrats in office who will fight for our schools and access to healthcare, for economic opportunity and equal pay, for respect and equality for all, for criminal justice reform, and to restore integrity to our government. It won’t be easy, but nothing that truly matters ever has been. Join us!

Kim Collins Gilby, Chair
Williamson County Democratic Party

Office Address:

1915 S. Austin Ave, Suite 102
Georgetown, TX 78626

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 1296
Georgetown, TX 78627

Call us at: (512) 864-9900

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